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Welcome to a new feature which will explore the fascinating history of Warrington, compiled from objects in the Museum collections, official records from the Library's Archives and Local Studies... and equally importantly from the contributions of local people.

In 2011 two new Story of Warrington galleries opened, thanks to a substantial grant from the WREN Communities Challenge Fund. The galleries build on over a decade's worth of community history projects which have helped to tell Warrington's unique story. The new galleries are linked to the museum's online archive to provide a rich resource for all ages.

Jubilee article T
Right Royal Celebrations in Warrington! (article)
A Royal Diamond Jubilee may be a rare event in the country’s history but as old local newspapers and the Museum’s photographic archive reveal Warrington has always known how to celebrate in style...

Working Lives of Warrington from Old Photographs
A new local history book by Janice Hayes
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Online Digital Image Archive
Explore the Museum's archive of local photographs and buy prints online...
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Gateway through time
Explore the history of Warrington in this special minisite
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What is Warrington's story? (article)
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Warrington at War 1939-45 (article)
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'When the Siren Sounds' (ebook)
Produced as part of the the Warrington Wartime Generations Project in 2009-2010 (funded by the Big Lottery's Their Past: Your Future initiative), which allowed the Museum to work with several community groups of all ages to explore the impact World War II has had on local people.
Mods & Rockers film
Mods & Rockers: Warrington in the 1960s (online video)
What was it like growing up in Warrington in the Swinging Sixties? Commissioned as part of the ‘Mods & Rockers: Warrington in the 1960s’ exhibition at Warrington Museum, this film features motorbike enthusiast Geoff Kelly, local DJs and promoters Chris Culleton and Pete Rigby, musician Brian Palfreman and compere Bob Paige as they remember the 1960s in Warrington and what made it so special. Geoff recalls his motorbiking days and getting his first job while Brian and Bob talk about their memories of the local beat group scene. Chris tells the story of when the Rolling Stones visited the Parr Hall as well as the tale of the ‘Longford Lover’. Pete also talks about how he brought the Beatles to Warrington in 1962 and his improvised solution to the Fab Four’s demand for an additional mic stand!
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How did Warrington's Walking Day begin? (article)
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Warrington Walking Day DVD
Now available at a reduced price